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Madeira Literary Festival. 1 to 7 April.


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Under the theme of A Manifesto to Art, the 3rd edition of Madeira Literary Festival that takes place from the 1st to the 7th of April, in Funchal, begins and ends with Table Conversations: the first, between Naomi Wolf and Rui Tavares, will follow the opening conference, scheduled for the 3rd of April, and the second, and last, will gather Zygmunt Bauman and José Rodrigues dos Santos, on the 6th of April.
Little Festival 1 to 2 de April.
Debates 5 to 6 April.
Shows 4 to 6 de April.
During the first week of April, the FLM presents a diversified program that includes the launch of FLI - Child Literary Little Festival, visits to schools and to the University, debates, conferences, an exhibition and two concerts.

In this edition, the themes of the Crossed Talks (model of discussion with a moderator and four or five speakers) is based on book titles: The Art of Dying Far Away (Mário de Carvalho), The Art of Dealing With Women (Schopenhauer), The Art of War (Sun Tzu), The Art of Liberation (Krishnamurti), The Art of Paying Your Debts (Balzac).

The 3rd edition of Madeira Literary Festival joins more than 30 participants, among writers, musicians, performers, artists: Adélia Carvalho, Ana Luísa Amaral, Anselmo Borges, António Barroso Cruz, Antonio Scurati, Carlos Quiroga, Carlos Vaz Marques, Cláudia Rodrigues, Cláudia Sousa, Filipa Leal, Francisco Fernandes, Gina Picart, Inês Fonseca Santos, Isabel Leal, João Luís Barreto Guimarães, João Paulo Cotrim, João Tordo, José Rodrigues dos Santos, Lídio Araújo, Luísa Spínola, Manuela Ribeiro, Maria de Menezes, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Mariano Deidda, Massimo Cavalli, Naomi Wolf, Paula Moura Pinheiro, Paulo Sérgio BEJu, Pedro Mexia, Raquel Ochoa, Raquel Varela, Ricardo Miguel Oliveira, Roberto Macedo, Rui Tavares, Rui Zink, Sérgio Godinho, Sílvio Fernandes, Tabish Kahir, Tiago Patrício, Tiago Salazar, Waldir Araújo and Zygmunt Bauman.
Madeira Literary Festival Program. 1 to 7 April.
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